Referral Program

In order to encourage everyone to promote JOYSO, there is no need to register or login during the event. It will be easy to get a recommended reward with a maximum purchase amount of 6%. In addition, the recommender will receive a 3% maximum purchase price.

Official Website ProgressReferrer BonusReferee Bonus
before 55%6%3%
after 75%nonenone


From 3/13 02:00 A.M. (UTC+0) to the end of ICO. Rewards were issued before the end of March 2018.

How to get a referral code

Your referral code is [your wallet address + "feed"]. E.g:
Suppose your wallet address is 0x31ac....b77d. Your referral code is: 0x31ac....b77dfeed


The following two ways can get reward:

  1. Referrer
    • Share this promotion and recommend friends to JOYSO's ICO.
    • Remind your friends to fill in the "Data" field with the referral code when purchasing JOY.
    • The code can be reused.
  2. Referee
    • One transaction only accepts one referrer's code
    • Please fill in the "Data" field with your referral code

      Wallet fill in:


      Ref mew


      Ref imtoken


  • For early ICO buyers, all purchasers will receive a 9% purchase bonus before the start of the campaign.
  • If the total amount of accumulated rewards is less than 100 JOY, you will not be rewarded.
  • This activity is rewarded for assisting with JOYSO promotion. If the "referrer" and "referee" addresses in the single transaction are the same, the transaction will not receive additional rewards.
  • JOYSO reserves the right to review, remove, and award removal of activities. If any malicious or dishonest behavior is found, it will not be rewarded.


Query the amount of rewards currently accumulated