Business Model

Income will be generated from trading fees in Ether or JOY effective from launch(beta ver.). These will be set at 0.1% for order makers and 0.2% for order takers.

White Paper

Token Burning Plan

Token holders will have the right to participate in JOYSO campaigns with more benefits

Advisor Bret Treasure

Token holders enjoy a 50% discount on transaction fees (not including gas) when using JOY.

Advisor Bret Treasure

Partners of JOY Select will be able to list the tokens for free and earn a 50% fee discount.

Advisor Bret Treasure

Once decentralized margin trading is launched, token holders can trade with lower collateral compared to ETH.

Token Reduction Plan

Token reduction

Each quarter JOYSO will burn JOY tokens equivalent to 50% of the net profit, until a total of 100 million JOY tokens are destroyed. The process will be announced on the Blockchain.


Reducing the total amount of JOY tokens in circulation increases the value of individual tokens through scarcity.