joyso:World’s 1st Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

World’s 1st Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

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" Hybrid Exchange " Is The Future

JOYSO, the Ethereum based exchange, offers the speed of a centralised platform while providing the security and privacy of a decentralized exchange.

How Does JOYSO Work

1.Deposit to JOYSO

Deposit to JOYSO

Before trading, deposit your cryptocurrencies to Joyso exchange. Joyso will not hold your crypto currencies, it acts as a bridge to help you trade.

2.Matching on JOYSO

Matching on JOYSO

Once you place a trade, JOYSO matching system will match your orders real time.

3.Verification on Blockchain

Verification on Blockchain

All successfully matched orders are placed on Ethereum blockchain. Computers around the world will verify your orders.


Smart Match

Smart Match

Off-chain smart matching; efficiently matching one-to-many.

Lower Fees

Lower Fees

Gas fees are lower than fully decentralized exchanges.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract

Joyso can not directly alter the user account balance.



Trades are completed on blockchain with transparency.