Founded by Tom Soong, JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange platform launched in May 2018. Hybrid decentralized exchange is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, which reduces the risk of being hacked and provide users with cost efficient trade. It completed its ICO March 2018. JOYSO offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real time orders with high priorities on user experience, security, and efficiency. Completely anonymous, no registration is necessary to begin trading.

Token sale - Ended on April 2018


Our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has ended. If you would like to purchase tokens please visit our exchange.

Token Name : JOY
Token Type : Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply : 200,000,000 JOY
ICO Results : 80,583,625 JOY (7072.36ETH)
Unsold Tokens will be retained by JOYSO team and may released over future years at a rate no higher than 15% per annum.


  • October, 2017

    Project start

  • March, 2018

    ICO start

  • April, 2018

    Prototype release on testnet

  • May, 2018

    JOYSO launch

  • September, 2018

    JoySelect + Mobile version

  • December, 2018

    Trading API

  • March, 2019

    Margin trade

  • June, 2019

    Off-chain payment integration

  • September, 2019

    Mobile payment and wallet

Management Team


Chief Executive Officer

Tom is responsible for the overall management of Joyso, the world’s first Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange after 5 years of experience in the Blockchain industry. His deep commitment to improve the Blockchain industry had him supervised the development of the world's first 28nm Bitcoin mining chip and brought to market the 40nm Litecoin mining chip. Tom also contributes himself to the Blockchain community as a Blockchain advisor to ITRI, one of the world’s leading technology research and development institution and is the administrator of Bitcoin Chinese Community and Taipei Ethereum Meetup. Tom holds a Master Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Tsin Hua University in Taiwan.

COO Taka

Chief Operating Officer

Taka is responsible for the operation and administration of JOYSO, the world's first Hybrid Decentralized Exchange. He had over 10 years of experience as a Technical Manager at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan where he managed a diverse range of digital and big data projects that includes Blockchain technology in the public sector. He was also the Technical Architecture contributor of the Dodoker project, blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, and the principal organizer of the Taiwan Blockchain Summits in 2016 and 2017. Taka graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

CTO Will

Chief Technology Officer

Will is responsible for the technical development of JOYSO decentralized exchange platform. Before Joyso, he was the key contributor to Gcoin, an first Taiwan approved enterprise-level distributed blockchain infrastructure and had collaborated in creating decentralised applications for LogoVote, ticket contract for an Ethereum conference, Dodoker charity crowdfunding platform and Muzeum’s blockchain-based creative industry protocols. He is also the joint operating officer for the Ethereum Taipei Meetup community, lectured several Smart Contract course and an advisor to several Blockchain projects. Will graduate with a Masters of Computer Science from the National Taiwan University.


Legal Advisor Clarence Chou

Legal Advisor

Current member of Global Network for Public Interest Law Fellow, An-Chung Attorneys-at-Law,Lawyer at Li and Cai Intellectual Property Office, and Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Executive Director Amnesty International Taiwan, Executive Director Taipei Bar Association

Advisor Changwu Chen


Currently serves as the Chief Scientist at AMIS,Key contributor for Ethereum Research on Casper. Worked as a senior blockchain engineer for 21Vianet, the largest independent data center operator in China.

Advisor Tony Tu


Chief Strategy Officer of TAIWAN-CA Inc, focusing on e-business security and new e-business models of FinTech. Director of national projects including the Project to build Taiwan Personal Financial Information Identification Center, POC Project of e-check with Blockchain Technology for Taiwan Automated Clearing House, and Project to deliver e-Certifications over multiple mobile devices for new generation financial services.

Advisor Bret Treasure


Founding board member of Blockchain Australia. Advisor, marketing consultant and digital content creator in the blockchain and smart contract community. Former president of Australian Web Industry Association and foreman juror at the Australian Web Awards.

Advisor Jhen Guo Sie


The general manager of NTT Data Taiwan, which is responsible for the SAP business and management of the Taiwan and Greater China region. NTT Data is the biggest IT servicer in Japan. To cooperate with the development of the global blockchain, NTT established the tactical team, focusing on financial, public and social infrastructure, and the field of B2B service.