Monthly Archives: December 2018

Stablecoins Rise as Bear Market Prevails

After Bitcoin’s price fell below $7000 in September this year, it stayed around $6000 for more than two months. At then, people conjectured that $6000 would be an effective support for Bitcoin’s price. However, in mid-November, Bitcoin broke the support level and fell further to nearly half of September’s price. Due to the weak performance […]

User Experience on 8 Popular DEXs – AirSwap

In addition to place-an-order and accept-quotation kinds of exchanges mentioned before, AirSwap is considered the third type, where trade is conducted over-the-counter (OTC). Over-the-counter trading means that the user has to find a counterparty to trade with. AirSwap merely serves as a platform for users to post their trading intentions, finding counterparties, and complete secure […]

User Experience on 8 Popular DEXs – Kyber Network

Before starting with this article, refer to the previous Bancor UX review. These two are almost identical in terms of user experience although they function differently on their base layer. They both offer a buy/sell price to users who trade directly, in other words, users can’t place order freely. Below is the interface of Kyber […]

User Experience on 8 Popular DEXs – Bancor

The DEXs reviewed previously all resemble traditional stock market platforms, where traders can place orders and trade. Different from the type of exchanges mentioned before, which you can place order freely, users cannot place orders on Bancor, instead, they only accept the price offered by the exchange, like how our bank’s currency exchange works. After […]

User Experience on 8 Popular DEXs – Bithumb DEX (R1)

Last month, Bithumb launched a decentralized exchange – Bithumb DEX. Before its debut, I had noticed a project named R1 Protocol, and now I find out Bithumb DEX is actually one of its relayers. The website of R1 Protocol has 2 relayers now. However, Rootrex remains closed, so I can only comment on Bithumb DEX. […]