Monthly Archives: September 2018

Is STO (Security Token Offering) the next big thing on cryptoworld?

On August 2018, there was a special fundraising project on a famous crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. The project proposed by St. Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado was to raise funds through the issuance of a Security Token. Aspen Coin, an ERC20 token. If an investor buys the token, it means that the person owns a part […]

【7 Crypto Wallets Review】Which wallet suits you?

More and more wallets are invading the marketplace, is there a need to store cryptocurrencies in wallets? Or do you store these digital assets in an exchange? If you store it in an exchange, meaning that you hand the private key and asset over the exchange and trust it to secure your crypto for you. […]

JOYSO — Get Closer ▶️Experience the intensity in this nerve racking event☠️

Dave is a JOYSO user and participated in the “Get Closer” Campaign. He wanted to get his hands on CoolWallet S without paying the full price, hence he used HAPPINESS. We invited him to share his strategies and asked for his permission to share his article. The original article is here. The bear market sentiments […]

Misplaced Faith on Ethereum?

Recently, the price of Ether has slumped below $200, reaching the lowest price in 2018. As a cryptocurrency with second highest market cap in the world, Ether is definitely the must-have for both crypto newbies and veterans. Yet seeing the price falling straight down on the price chart without climbing back up, it makes everyone wonder: […]

Introducing NAS-JOYSO (and the future of JOYSO)

Milestones of NAS-JOYSO (Sneak peek) We announced the collaboration between JOYSO and Nebulas in early August where we are creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Nebulas chain named NAS-JOYSO. Our development team has been toiling to upgrade NAS-JOYSO to conform with the update of Nebulas chain over the past month. The new version of NAS-JOYSO can […]