Cryptocurrency wallets are an essential tool for users to connect to blockchain network. Besides utilizing sending/receiving function to transfer crypto, it also serves as the must-have tool while accessing DApp (Decentralized Application). No matter on which private / public chain the DApp is built on, you have to possess a wallet before interacting with it. Hence, a cryptocurrency wallet is viewed as one of the most critical issues in terms of blockchain application popularization.

There are several types of cryptocurrency wallets, including browser extensions, mobile apps, and hardware wallets. Each type has its own unique features that would fit different needs, allowing crypto holders to choose the one which is most suitable for themselves. By this article, we will introduce you to some user-friendly wallets on the recently booming public chain – TRON.

What is TronLink?

MetaMask with its fox logo is familiar to most crypto holders. This browser extension wallet supports various browsers including Chrome and Firefox. With MetaMask, people can  connect to Ethereum Network effortlessly, beginning their DApp exploration without a fuss.

TronLink, the wallet we are introducing here, is very similar to MetaMask. TronLink is used to access DApps on TRON blockchain and to conduct the transaction of TRX, TRC10, and TRC20 tokens. To begin using TronLink, all you need to do is to install the extension on your browser ( which supports only Chrome currently ), create a brand new wallet, and safekeep the private key.

TronLink’s interface is fairly neat. Users are able to check basic account information in a blink of an eye, i.g., account address, balance, bandwidth, energy, and number of tokens stored in the account. Take the decentralized exchange – TRON JOYSO as an example, traders can immediately connect to the DApp on TRON Network after logging in the wallet. (As shown below)

What is TronWallet?

In this era of smartphones, the mobile version of cryptocurrency wallets are indispensable. It provides mobility for users, enabling them to connect to the blockchain network anytime, anywhere. People used to use imToken to access Ethereum, but now they can find an application on TRON which is just as handy – TronWallet.

TronWallet is the complete package! In addition to some basic functions like crypto transfer, transaction history, and connecting DApp, TronWallet also allows users to exchange tokens, participate in fundraising, and vote for Super Representatives directly. Users can engage in the TRON community straight through TronWallet.

Similar to imToken, TronWallet has a built-in DApp browser. In addition to the recommended DApps, users can also input DApp’s URL to access any DApp on TRON’s Network. Users can easily switch between different functions by clicking the navigation bar at the bottom of the interface.

What is Ledger?

The most significant feature of hardware wallet is its security level. As the private key is stored in an off-line environment, and every transaction confirmation requiring clicking physical buttons, the risk of being hacked is drastically mitigated. However, compared with other free software wallets, users have to purchase the hardware wallet in order to receive better protection of their digital assets.

TRON community has already developed a TRON app (can be installed with Ledger Manager, usable on Chrome) which can be installed on Ledger. After installing the app, the crypto holder is able to send/receive his TRX through Tronscan’s interface. Recently, aside from TRX, Tronscan will also start supporting TRC20 token transactions through Ledger.


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