Monthly Archives: July 2018

Is it the best time to invest in cryptocurrency?

When we talk about investments, stocks and mutual funds come to people’s mind. However, the investment instruments and demographic are facing structural changes constantly. Take US for example, 62% of adults held stocks before 2008, while the ratio declined to 54% in April, 2017. The ratio of how many Americans holding stocks has a positive […]

From Bitcoin to Blockchain 3.0

In 2008, a mysterious whitepaper of digital currency came out and spread throughout the Internet. The whitepaper was published by Satoshi Nakamoto which carried the new concept of a cutting-edge technology. People discovered the huge potential to implement its underlying technology in many different fields which causes a digital revolution. Now, it has become the […]

6 Important Things to Know About Gas Fee

For those who had used applications on blockchain, like crypto exchanges, DApps and digital wallets, must heard of the term “Gas Fee”. It is a fee paid to the miners on blockchain when you issue a transaction to the network. Here is an example I believe you can relate to: When you transfer money between […]

Step into the world of DApp

Famous DApp CryptoKitties went viral at the end of 2017. Its popularity soared as it once accounted for more than 13% of transactions on Ethereum network. Have you ever wondered what is DApp and how to use it? Let’s check it out! What is DApp? The full name of DApp is Decentralized Application. DApps are typically […]