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🚀 Trading API available 🚀 – Trade Faster, Smarter and More Precise

We made it! Arriving at a milestone of fourth quarter of 2018, JOYSO’s trading API allows traders to have access to real time market data and personal trading information. Furthermore, crypto traders can implement their strategies to make trading automatic, faster and more precise. We published our API documentation on Github. Users can subscribe to […]

How to trade on JOYSO

JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange and it works similar to any common exchange simply without registration. We believes in anonymity and the responsibility of maintaining your assets remain at the users. Here is a check-list for you to ensure you have all you need to trade Checklist Do you have a digital wallet? Hot/software […]

JOYSO — Get Closer ▶️Experience the intensity in this nerve racking event☠️

Dave is a JOYSO user and participated in the “Get Closer” Campaign. He wanted to get his hands on CoolWallet S without paying the full price, hence he used HAPPINESS. We invited him to share his strategies and asked for his permission to share his article. The original article is here. The bear market sentiments […]

Introducing NAS-JOYSO (and the future of JOYSO)

Milestones of NAS-JOYSO (Sneak peek) We announced the collaboration between JOYSO and Nebulas in early August where we are creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Nebulas chain named NAS-JOYSO. Our development team has been toiling to upgrade NAS-JOYSO to conform with the update of Nebulas chain over the past month. The new version of NAS-JOYSO can […]

JOYSO on the Nebulas Blockchain

For JOYSO, the most important consideration is the spirit of decentralization. Ethereum’s Smart Contract is used to write the exchange’s functions, where all contracts and settlements take place on the blockchain. Regardless of whether the order is a send, deposit, or withdrawal; the user’s signature is required to operate the transaction, this is to ensure […]