Dave is a JOYSO user and participated in the “Get Closer” Campaign. He wanted to get his hands on CoolWallet S without paying the full price, hence he used HAPPINESS.

We invited him to share his strategies and asked for his permission to share his article. The original article is here.

The bear market sentiments has lingered around the crypto market for a while now, and everyone’s digital assets keep shrinking without a pause. This time, I want to share an interesting campaign that gives away a must-have for every trendy crypto investor out there — CoolWallet.😃

Recently, I had been researching for hardware wallets to upgrade my security level and CoolWallet just stood out from all the other mediocre choices. The facts that it was as slim as a credit card and supported bluetooth to connect with smartphone made CoolWallet go straight on top of the 2018 must-haves list for crypto investors.

Yet the unfriendly price came with this tiny little wallet was at least 5,600 NTD. Looking at my shrinking Ether, I was not reckless enough to buy it.😭😭

To get the wallet, I found out about the new campaign on JOYSO that you could receive the free CoolWallet by collecting enough HAPPINESS. Immediately, I started my research on how to earn this freaking cool hardware wallet.😎

JOYSO Hybrid Exchange — Get Closer

Since the usage of decentralized exchange is not as widespread as of centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges (DEX) are usually used to trade new tokens launched in the market after their ICO but yet got listed on bigger exchanges.

For majority of investors, they do not normally trade their assets on DEX. Hence, comparing to centralized exchanges, DEX concerns more on how to attract more users to trade on their platform.

JOYSO’s campaign, Get Closer, is a campaign designed to deepen the market depth for some tokens. After the initiation of Get Closer, CoinEx referred to it and held a similar order-mining campaign (what a copycat :X). Let’s dig into this interesting campaign!

Come Closer, and Be Happier

The Loyalty Program of this campaign uses the scare tabulation every day and offers the equal proportion of HAPPINESS based on your accumulated scores. You can exchange your HAPPINESS into the prizes on JOYSO Loyalty Program site. Currently, there are JOY Token and CoolWallet as options, and what I know, there are more products to come!

In this campaign, I deposited about 2 ETH worth of ZIL into Joyso for playing this game. Because the amount was too small to earn my favorite CoolWallet in a short time, I chose to play in a more radical way than “Get Closer”, which I called it “Stick to It Directly.”😂

My strategy is to place the orders same as CMC market price as possible or even usually lower than it to earn the maximum 15x bonus score. However, the tragedy happened sometimes that the market price rose and my orders accidentally matched by others.😭You can observe which token barely has matched orders, then it will be a safe choice for you to place orders and earn scores.

Because my order was stuck to Coinmarketcap market price, there is the risk that my sell order got a match at any time because it was much lower than the market price, this creates a lot of anxiety which made check them constantly.

I recommend everyone to have a software providing market price which activates notification when the price has any fluctuation. I used BitUniverse to remind me at any moment when the fluctuation gap goes big!

My score record is as below. In a few days from the beginning, I played rather intensely and change my prices on the exchange frequently . I got my best record 353 by using 2 ETH place order, which I thought was quite high.😅😅

Advanced Way to Play with Get Closer

I did not want to inconvenient myself to bring the laptop around these days, so I found a more convenient way to trade according to real-time market price. Which is, trading directly through JOYSO’s DApp using imToken.

The integration of imToken levels up the user experience for trading on JOYSO. To compare with the more commonly used IDEX, the user experience on JOYSO is even smoother when it comes to token transaction and withdrawal.

I would recommend other advanced players to try participating in JOYSO’s campaign through imToken platform. It will be much easier to track your orders anytime and to earn scores rapidly.

Best wishes on your journey of earning CoolWallet.😏😏

Article by Dave, JOYSO

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