JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange and it works similar to any common exchange simply without registration. We believes in anonymity and the responsibility of maintaining your assets remain at the users.

Here is a check-list for you to ensure you have all you need to trade


Do you have a digital wallet?

  • Hot/software wallet
  • Cold/hardware wallet

The wallets are supported by JOYSO

ImToken 2.0 (Apple iOS → here | Android → here)
Trust (Apple iOS → here | Android → here)
Cipher (Apple iOS → here | Android → here)
Metamask (Google Chrome → here >
Ledger (Buy here)
Trezor (Buy here)

Please ensure you had completed the set-up process and kept your security phrases in a very secure place. The wallet address will be your access to JOYSO exchange platform.

Have you had ETH or JOY to start trading?

  • Yes
  • No

You can purchase ETH on Over The Counter services from legal currency. However, JOY can only be purchased using ETH.

Reference of OTC services: Huobi OTC, OTCBTC (Do note that there is a administration fee charged upon withdrawal of purchased ETH into your wallet)

Reference of exchanges with legal currency: Bifinex, Bittrex, Bitopro (Taiwan Dollar), Max

Once you have all all the above, you can now officially trade on JOYSO. If you have metamask as a wallet, you will be using Google Chrome browser to access the exchange.

To trade, click on the following URL:

Connecting wallet on JOYSO

You will arrive at this page, kindly choose Select wallet

You will arrive at this page where you can select your wallets, for conveniences, you can download your preferred software wallet with the QR code presented after clicking on the buttons on the right.

For all software wallets, you are able to access JOYSO with its in-app browser. For more information on how to use these software wallets

  • ImToken 2.0, you can find it here
  • Trust, you can find it here
  • Cipher, you can find it here

For hardware wallets, once selected you will see your wallet address shown in the Select Wallet segment.

Once connected you will be directed to your Funds page.

You have to click on Exchange to start trading.

Trading on JOYSO

** only ERC20 type tokens are tradable on JOYSO (Bitcoin is not an ERC20 token) **

To sell your tokens,

1 — Choose sell

2 — Insert “amount” and the “price” that you want to sell

3 — Click sell to confirm

To buy tokens,

1 — Choose “buy”

2 — Insert “amount” and the “price” that you want to buy

3 — Click “buy” to confirm

Your confirmation will appear on “my order” tab on the bottom left screen and the “Order Book” on the right side of the screen

Do note that if there are orders of the same price offered on the order book, it will be stacked up into a consolidated quantity but does not affect the price.

Successful trades will appear in two parts of the exchange.

1 — on the “My Trade” section found on the bottom left of the exchange

2 — on “Funds” page, button beside your wallet address

Withdrawal of Funds

After all trades are completed, you can choose to withdraw your tokens from the “Funds” page, and have them transferred into your wallet. Every withdrawal will incur a miner/gas fee that is indicated on the exchange — gas price, 7 GWEI as of below image.

If you require any technical support*, you can click on the Telegram button and we are able to support you there.

* Operating hours of customer support is from 10am to 10pm daily (GMT/UTC+8)

And now you are done!
You have successfully maneuvered through the JOYSO system. We are currently in the process to make the user experience of the exchange better. If you have any suggestions, we welcome your feedback via our telegram group.

JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange that offers you off-chain matching of orders and on-chain settlement. It does not requires your registration to protect your privacy and yet packed with security features and speed of closing transactions, experience the JOY in JOYSO now!

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