We made it! Arriving at a milestone of fourth quarter of 2018, JOYSO’s trading API allows traders to have access to real time market data and personal trading information. Furthermore, crypto traders can implement their strategies to make trading automatic, faster and more precise.

We published our API documentation on Github. Users can subscribe to market data, be notified of any change, such as order book and market trades on JOYSO. The personal information of traders can also be fetched through API, including balance, open orders, trade history and funds. Having all the needed data, building a trading bot is possible with these order-placing functions.

Accessibility is one of the advantages of crypto trading, a retail investor can access our trading API and apply algorithms to their trading measure. We believe this is something valuable and hope all our users can benefit from this feature. Happy Trading!

API documentation ▶ http://bit.ly/2qKuZDW

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