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Misplaced Faith on Ethereum?

Recently, the price of Ether has slumped below $200, reaching the lowest price in 2018. As a cryptocurrency with second highest market cap in the world, Ether is definitely the must-have for both crypto newbies and veterans. Yet seeing the price falling straight down on the price chart without climbing back up, it makes everyone wonder: […]

Introducing NAS-JOYSO (and the future of JOYSO)

Milestones of NAS-JOYSO (Sneak peek) We announced the collaboration between JOYSO and Nebulas in early August where we are creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Nebulas chain named NAS-JOYSO. Our development team has been toiling to upgrade NAS-JOYSO to conform with the update of Nebulas chain over the past month. The new version of NAS-JOYSO can […]

Coins and Tokens 101 (Part 2)

In Coins and Tokens 101 (Part 1), we talked about the difference between coins and tokens and how tokens are generated. If you forget about the details we discussed, you can click here to read again. What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? Most tokens are issued for the purpose of raising funds. The development teams of […]

Coins and Tokens 101 (Part 1)

  On CoinMarketCap’s website, you can find over 1,800 kinds of cryptocurrencies, which can be classified into two major categories: Coins and Tokens. There are around 800 coins and over 1,000 tokens. Common examples of tokens are USDT which is a widely used stable coin and JOY issued by JOYSO. What is a token? What […]

Can blockchain technology really empower you in controlling your assets?

The emergence of cryptocurrencies gave people a kind of freedom they have never had before. You can easily own your own wallet, transfer money to the other side of the world, buy and sell goods and merchandises, invest in startups, and much more. However, can this power of freely holding and transferring assets really apply […]

Three terms to describe Blockchain

“What exactly is blockchain?” “Is blockchain really that useful?” “What kind of changes can blockchain bring to the world?” We believe these are the questions that most blockchain newbies’ have in mind. “From Bitcoin to Blockchain 3.0”, we briefly introduced the developments and features of blockchain. In this article, we will be focusing on the […]

JOYSO on the Nebulas Blockchain

For JOYSO, the most important consideration is the spirit of decentralization. Ethereum’s Smart Contract is used to write the exchange’s functions, where all contracts and settlements take place on the blockchain. Regardless of whether the order is a send, deposit, or withdrawal; the user’s signature is required to operate the transaction, this is to ensure […]

Is it the best time to invest in cryptocurrency?

When we talk about investments, stocks and mutual funds come to people’s mind. However, the investment instruments and demographic are facing structural changes constantly. Take US for example, 62% of adults held stocks before 2008, while the ratio declined to 54% in April, 2017. The ratio of how many Americans holding stocks has a positive […]

From Bitcoin to Blockchain 3.0

In 2008, a mysterious whitepaper of digital currency came out and spread throughout the Internet. The whitepaper was published by Satoshi Nakamoto which carried the new concept of a cutting-edge technology. People discovered the huge potential to implement its underlying technology in many different fields which causes a digital revolution. Now, it has become the […]

6 Important Things to Know About Gas Fee

For those who had used applications on blockchain, like crypto exchanges, DApps and digital wallets, must heard of the term “Gas Fee”. It is a fee paid to the miners on blockchain when you issue a transaction to the network. Here is an example I believe you can relate to: When you transfer money between […]