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🚀 Trading API available 🚀 – Trade Faster, Smarter and More Precise

We made it! Arriving at a milestone of fourth quarter of 2018, JOYSO’s trading API allows traders to have access to real time market data and personal trading information. Furthermore, crypto traders can implement their strategies to make trading automatic, faster and more precise. We published our API documentation on Github. Users can subscribe to […]

Review of DEXs

  There are many new decentralized exchanges (DEX) launched this year. Do you think all the DEXs have similar functionalities or they have certain advantages over the others? The answers can be found below: DEXs do not have custody of users’ funds, thus reducing the risk of being hacked and enhancing the security level. Except […]

Useful Resources for Blockchain Beginners

No matter what brings you into the blockchain world, pure curiosity, desire to make money by investing in crypto or passion for participating in the emerging industry, you will face many challenges ending up very confuse. You will have questions about where to start, difficulty of digesting knowledge and user-unfriendliness. We are writing this article […]

The world is taking on Blockchain

In crypto world, when we mentioned about government, majority of the people focus on their plans to regulate cryptocurrency. At this moment, cryptocurrency regulations may affect the most popular application of blockchain — issuing tokens. Because scams and AML (Anti-money Laundering) issues arise in these years, most governments are relatively conservative over cryptocurrency relating topics. But considering […]

Is Blockchain a Bubble? Discussion over the Inevitableness of Distributed FinTech

Photo by Thomas kinto on Unsplash Blockchain is proclaimed as the future during the months of the bull run. As long as you laid your hands on any popular ICOs, your return of the investments can be doubled or even tripled when the token is listed on an exchange. Suddenly, we became venture capitalists, being able […]

How to trade on JOYSO

JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange and it works similar to any common exchange simply without registration. We believes in anonymity and the responsibility of maintaining your assets remain at the users. Here is a check-list for you to ensure you have all you need to trade Checklist Do you have a digital wallet? Hot/software […]

A Short Overview of Crypto Community in Taiwan

  The interest of being in crypto arises from how others had made so much money in crypto investments that alarmed the world where traditional financial stocks could not. However, there are fanatics that believes that Blockchain can change the world, these are the ones that looked into technology advancements such as decentralized applications (DApps), […]

Is STO (Security Token Offering) the next big thing on cryptoworld?

On August 2018, there was a special fundraising project on a famous crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. The project proposed by St. Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado was to raise funds through the issuance of a Security Token. Aspen Coin, an ERC20 token. If an investor buys the token, it means that the person owns a part […]

【7 Crypto Wallets Review】Which wallet suits you?

More and more wallets are invading the marketplace, is there a need to store cryptocurrencies in wallets? Or do you store these digital assets in an exchange? If you store it in an exchange, meaning that you hand the private key and asset over the exchange and trust it to secure your crypto for you. […]

JOYSO — Get Closer ▶️Experience the intensity in this nerve racking event☠️

Dave is a JOYSO user and participated in the “Get Closer” Campaign. He wanted to get his hands on CoolWallet S without paying the full price, hence he used HAPPINESS. We invited him to share his strategies and asked for his permission to share his article. The original article is here. The bear market sentiments […]